Shared Hosting is Dead! Long Live Cloud Hosting

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Join the big boys’ club in the cloud without paying big bucks

You are no longer at the mercy of hosting providers

Purdox offers you a one-click WordPress installation on the Amazon Cloud (AWS EC2) environment. In a few minutes and with no fuss you will be running WordPress on your own dedicated computer, on the cloud. What’s more, not only it will be faster than most on the Internet, you don’t even need to know anything about Linux. But, best of all, you will not be paying any more than what you pay to your host, most likely even less!

Free hosting for one year

To ease the decison, how about to tell you that Amazon offers you a free account for one year?

We are not in for the money

We are offering this WordPress solution, to help start the next hosting revolution. Everyhing we use to put Purdox together is Open Source, like WordPress itself. We are evangalists for Open Source and WordPress. Our aim is to offer the best WordPress hosting you can get with little to no money.

Purdox allows you to create a virtual computer with a reliable and fast WordPress installation on it. We have automated the process and simplified it that in three easy steps you will be ready to publish on a super fast and reliable WordPress set-up. It’s as easy as One, Two, Three.

Hosting is Slow & Unreliable: No amount of clever SEO will save you

Google always favored fast websites, but soon they will be penalizing slow sites. Once you get an account on a shared host, you are stuck with that speed. You cannot increase it. Not to mention the unreliability that is inherent in a shared environment.

If you are on a shared hosting environment, server load spikes are something that can happen from time to time due to multiple users all sharing the same physical hardware. This is unavoidable.

If you want to speed your WordPress set-up, here are your options:

  1. Get a dedicated computer for your site; Very expensive and requires server administration knowledge
  2. Move to a specialist host for WordPress hosting; Expensive
  3. Get a VPS (Virtual Private Server); Unless it is from a reputable hosting company it offers not much of an speed advantage, and it’s expensive.
  4. Get Purdox and be done with it.

Your own computer on the cloud

We give you your own virtual computer on the cloud. For all practical purposes, they are the same as dedicated computers and they are fast. They virtualise the latest and the best Intel offer. And, you can upgrade your computer to a bigger one, fuss free, when your site gets bigger.

Cloud computing is seen by many as the next wave of information technology for individuals, companies and governments. The abundant supply of information technology capabilities at a low cost offers many enticing opportunities. In addition to reducing operational costs, cloud technologies have become the basis for radical business innovation and new business models, and for significant improvements in the effectiveness of anyone using information technology – which, these days, increasingly means most of the world.

There are three main players on the Cloud: Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Amazon is the oldest. They basically invented the concept. We started offerings Purdox first on Amazon’s EC2 platform, which is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are looking at the possibilties of offering Purdox on other platforms. Watch this space…